The word Synestizer is a blend of the word synthesizer (electric signals converted into sounds) and synaesthesia (sensation together). The synestizer is an attempt to sonify the live imagery of a (web-)camera by making colour-values audible in different ways. The idea behind the synestizer is to let visual and audio-input interact to tickle the synapse between your ears and eyes. In many ways visualizers (including screensavers) do this by transforming sound into animated or generated graphics. The synestizer tries to do the opposite as it translates Red, Green and Blue values to sound. For this effect or let’s say „sense“ there are new methods and techniques explored, developed and spread online.

Got chrome or opera browser? Head to and give it a try! You may also check it out on your (powerfull) Android phone/tablet.

This is work in progress. Code is on github.

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