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Arthur are three networked LED light machines that act as a public communication system for the Theatre of the Arts in Zurich. With their own sign language they act as a medium to promote and organise student projects on site and online.

2d Binary codes are displayed and can be scanned by mobile phones forwarding to the web thus turning Arthur in a gateway to the online world. Next to that, Arthur is displaying twitter feeds in realtime.


Three devices are part of an ArtNET (DMX) network. The software (C++/Qt) has three modes: Local, Network (for use ie. with vvvv) and Schedule (GIF files programmable via custom web API).

vvvv patch:

vvvv live video:

11x11 (special) QR codes can be displayed

Media Architecture Biennale

Some pictures and a video from the 2010 Media Architecture Biennale in Vienna, organised by Exhibition is going on until October 31.


"Cheminée" - exhibited at "Haus der Kunst" in Munich until 3rd of October.
"Dann flackert’s, prasselt’s und knackt’s gemütlich, als würden Flammen übers Holz lecken." (Münchner Merkur)



NOVA is a 3d voxel display. It was developed by ETH Zurich together with private companies. NOVA at Mainstation Zurich is made of 25'000 voxels (each containing 12 LEDs). It has a refresh rate of 25Hz and a color resolution of 24Bit (16,777,216 colors), which makes it pretty amazing :-).

horao gmbh, an ETH spin-off company, is further developing and marketing NOVA.

official website:
vimeo channel

Stuff I did for NOVA (ETH Zurich or clients of horao, incomplete listing):

  • BASELWORLD 2008, Bertolucci - content programming
  • EURO 2008 Flaggenmix, Zürich, 2008 - content programming
  • Media Facades Festival, Berlin, 2008 - content programming, custom software
  • Stuttgarter Symposium, Alban Gerhardt, 2009 - SoundToVisual content programming
  • 2009 Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition, 2009 - SoundToVisual content programming
  • 5th Anniversary Celebrations of swissnex Singapore, 2009 - SoundToVisual content programming
  • ISEA 2009, Squidsoup@Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast - helping with setup in gallery
  • Nacht der Forschung, Zürich, 2009 - content
  • Installation Technopark Zürich, 2009 - custom software, motion detection
  • ETH unterwegs, 2009 - custom software, vj interface (lemur touchscreen)
  • Große Kunstausstellung 2010, Haus der Kunst, Munich - installation, software, microchip, sensors
  • Media Architecture Biennale, Vienna, 2010 - installation, software, microchip, sensors
  • 5 years NOVA, Zurich Mainstation, 2011 - SoundToVisuals
  • Konzert I with Collegium Novum Zurich, Zurich, 2012 - Visualization / SoundToVisuals
  • Konzert II with Nik Bärtsch, Zurich, 2012 - Visualization / SoundToVisuals

NOVA at Zurich Mainstation.

Rare pic of maintenance at Zurich Mainstation.

Yes, they DO look like ping pong balls.

Realtime visuals on the NOVA (2012, Mainstation Zurich) for Steve Reich's „Different Trains” performed with the Collegium Novum Zürich. Form, colors and transformation of the visuals are being controlled based on the fast fourrier transform algorithm.

Screenshot of NOVA Simulator.

Grosse Kunstausstellung 2010, Munich, installation view.

Baby NOVA at Technopark Zurich (permanent installation). Visuals are generated in real time constantly changing on motion detection.

Shot during setup for Baselworld 2008.